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“Habib has unique abilities that I have not previously experienced in any of the PhD students I have assisted. I have not ever experienced this combination of personal abilities and drives in any other student.”

-Prof Tim Noakes

Emiretus Professor,

University of Cape Town

“Habib's style, elegance, charm and sophistication adds to the man of honour we know and respect. You can't go wrong to consider Dr. Habib Noorbhai for your upcoming functions, events or business requirements.”

- Zelda Kraftt

HR Manager

(Senior Management level) Telecommunications, FMCG & Retail

“I was immediately struck by his passion for making a difference. This I got to experience first-hand when I asked whether he would be interested in facilitating a workshop on my behalf.”

- Dr Sorayah Nair

Founder & Director:

Business Health Solutions (BHS) Pty Ltd

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Email: info@habibnoorbhai.com

Phone: +27 83 321 6198

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