Prof Tim Noakes

Emiretus Professor, University of Cape Town


Habib has unique abilities that I have not previously experienced in any of the PhD students I have assisted. I have not ever experienced this combination of personal abilities and drives in any other student. Other characteristics that I appreciated are his ability to be fearless – he is not daunted by any task he sets himself – and his desire to push the boundaries of knowledge, regardless of the personal consequences.


Zelda Kraftt

HR Manager (Senior Management level) - Telecommunications, FMCG and Retail

Previous GM for Official Mr South Africa

HR Specialist Organizational Effectiveness Consultant


An absolute leader and driven humanitarian, is what comes to mind if I think of Dr. Habib Noorbhai I had the pleasure of working with Habib during his application year to the Mr South Africa competition, as the General Manager I had first hand insights on all his efforts to win the prestigious title. Habib won the Mr South Africa title in 2016. His hard work, dedication and commitment towards humanitarian work really showed me that someone is capable of achieving great hights, if the will and heart is there. He walked away with the Mr Heart South Africa title as well and continued serving the nation, striving for change through education. Dr. Noorbhai is an exceptional public speaker, presenter, educator and driver of change, he's proven his worth in areas such as charity work and motivational speaking. Habib's style, elegance, charm and sophistication adds to the man of honour we know and respect. You can't go wrong to consider Dr. Habib Noorbhai for your upcoming functions, events or business requirements.

Dr Sorayah Nair

Founder & Director: Business Health Solutions (BHS) Pty Ltd


I first met Dr Habib when we were introduced by a mutual friend who thought that we might find some synergy in our respective areas of work. I was immediately struck by his passion for making a difference. This I got to experience first-hand when I asked whether he would be interested in facilitating a workshop on my behalf. The workshop was to be without compensation as I had arranged to offer my services pro-bono. Without a moment’s hesitation Habib agreed to fill in, despite his busy schedule that also included his country-wide book launch. His knowledge and skills, whilst of a very high standard is only eclipsed by his outstanding values as a human being.


Paul Kershaw

Director Gold Talent International Global Network | Performing Arts Personal Development Coach, Business Entrepreneur


Dr Habib Noorbhai has a lot to offer our country and indeed our world. I'm not just talking knowledge here. His values, integrity, openness and transparency are the embodiment of what we all should be aspiring to live by. Habib is an extremely hard-working, enthusiastic and passionate person with an eye for detail, and the ability to focus and manifest what is required. It's an honour to be able to know him and to be able to recommend him in so many ways. Wishing him the greatest of success in his ambitions and life-journey!


Dr Jeff Govender

Executive Officer: Ecipa Healthcare


Dr Habib Noorbhai is a young and dynamic social entrepreneur, public speaker, academic achiever and contributor to the betterment of SA Communities through his social upliftment programs. To his credit he has also won the Mr South Africa Competition.


Simon Cain

Manager, South Australian Redbacks Cricket Team, 2010


Habib was warmly welcomed by the Redbacks team and staff and fitted in well. He carried out his duties diligently and efficiently. The players and staff had only had praise for his experise and enthusiasm during the CLT20 tournament and this was much appreciated by all. Habib also showed initiative outside his core duties by assisting the support staff on training days and always doing this to the best of his abilities. During this time, Habib had been well-organised, reliable and responsible.


Stallone Santino

South African Actor


Habib aptly embodies South Africa’s model male in his call to promote the welfare of those within his reach and beyond. I came to know Habib back in 2016 as a fellow contestant on Mr. South Africa- to which he rightfully won. First impressions matter, and unlike many of the other ‘men of honour’ I had the pleasure of sharing the journey with, Habib was one of the few who stood out as a true leader who knew exactly what he wanted out of the experience.  It was evident from my first meeting with him that he was unfathomably engrossed with bringing about change and transformation as he sought after the coveted title. As many can agree, Habib holds a calm and collected demeanour, yet approaches everything with a tenacious grip for success. The long list of achievements under his belt serve as a true testament of the driven, dynamic and absolute powerhouse of a man that he is...and it is no wonder why people call him Mister South Africa.


Jabulile Sonya Ngwenya

Entrepreneur and Digital Creatives


Habib is a great pleasure to work with, a wonderful person to interview and an excellent keynote speaker. He is respectful, a great listener and he considers all aspects of a matter before giving a response. His background in sports science, his interest in people, socio-economic issues, and his insights gleaned from his reign as Mr South Africa in 2017 has given him a unique understanding of how to address the gaps he sees – both in people’s lives and in broader society – through perceptive, innovative solutions. His voice is authentic and he is committed to making a positive difference with what he has in his hands and through the vehicle of his non-profit organisation, The Humanitarians. You won’t be disappointed when you book Habib for your events as his calibre, passion and strong work ethic shines through.


Employee at Smollan


Dr Noorbhai is an excellent facilitator, who is engaging and fully knowledgeable. Enjoyed the session, thanks!


Bruce Manuel

Managing Member at PMB Health and Safety Services Director at African Health Consultancy (Pty) Ltd


Dr Habib Noorbhai is well versed on his subject matter. His deep scientific understanding to matters Health and Wellness sets him apart. It's also a pleasure listening to his cricket commentary on radio. He always shares a simple understanding of how athletes should attain and maintain fitness levels in the game of cricket and sport in general. 


Charl Reineke

Chief Of Sales ANA Publishing


Dr Habib Noorbhai has proven himself a trustworthy and diligent individual. He has the ability to turn his passion into a sustainable resource, and he does it with heart. His knowledge in sports and health has been well researched and I would consider him in any field that he puts his mind to.


Thandeka Khambule

Personal Trainer at Virgin Active


In 2015, I had the privilege of having Dr. Habib Noorbhai as one of my 2nd year Sport Management lecturers at CPUT. He became my mentor and inspired me to do more and push the boundaries of knowledge. He is one of few selfless individuals that I know. Always doing his best in giving back to the community through his humanitarianism. I also had the pleasure of working with him through one of his many humanitarian projects in one of the surrounding communities in Cape Town. He encourages you to become a better version of yourself through action. His work and contribution as a humanitarian, speaker and academic speak far more to his credibility than I can. I’m happy I got a chance to be mentored by him. He will go far in making our world a better place.


Muneer Bham CA (SA)

Managing Director at Carpet and Decor Centre Holdings


I have known Dr, Habib from our university days where i would meet him in the library, the prayer room and on social committees. From then, I saw a bright spark in him and his enthusiasm and friendly demeanour in which he conducted himself with. I am not at all surprised by his success in his career and in changing peoples lives. Dr Habib is an absolute gentlemen and a person who i enjoy working with.


Salman Kajie

Investment promotion and international business development specialist.


Dr Noorbhai is a dynamic social entrepreneur, destined to play a pivotal role in transforming South Africa’s socio-economic landscape.


Dr Kruttika Bhuse

Resident at Uconn Health School Of Dental Medicine


I met Dr Habib Noorbhai at a Conference held at London. When i met him, he came across as a very dynamic amd focused person. His presentation skills and humble nature won him great praise at the conference. Dr Habib has come a long way in his person and professional life , Mr South Africa being a gem in the crown. Dr Habib is now a global name and has the foresight to make a change in society. I am honored to have know with such a personality and wish him all the very best for his future endeavors.


Natashya Kristanna Pillay

Executive Recruiter | Researcher | MSc Development Studies


Habib has a passion for everything he does, whether being a pageant winner, writing a book on humanitarianism or his PhD in Exercise Science. He challenges the norm as well, being the only Mr South Africa to hold a doctorate. Habib grounds himself firmly with the intention to uplift and inspire others to live the life of their dreams.


Kimaal Manning

Regulatory Risk Analyst: Wesbank


I first met Dr Habib Noorbhai in 2005; we attended the same high school and then later completed our respective undergraduate qualifications at the same institution. Throughout the course of our journey Habib was always a determined, driven individual with a unique ability not just to add but also to create value wherever we found ourselves. He has since been the spearhead of numerous enriching initiatives and has utilized various platforms to magnificent effect. At his relatively nascent stage in his career, he has already achieved a doctorate degree under the tutelage of the esteemed professor Noakes, been crowned Mr. South Africa, written a book and, most impressively, founded his own humanitarian organization. If history is any indication of the future, then Dr Habib still has much to offer in virtually any field of his choosing and it would be a tremendous loss not to include him and his unique expertise in any endeavor commercial or otherwise.


Alex Kempshall

Sports Coach


A man on integrity and passion for everything he does. The main reason I got through my two years at College and for that I will forever be grateful. Thank you for being an inspiration, not only in the classroom, but also in life. You have taught me so many life lessons, sometimes by me just looking at the things you do, and how you go about doing it. I hope you continue to carry on doing the same for others.


Melissa De Jager

Professional Practitioner in Real Estate


Humble, motivating and inspiring are but just a few words that I describe Dr Habib Noorbhai to be. He has been an amazing rolemodel in my life through his actions and words and I feel blessed knowing that this world has leaders such as himself.