Body vs. Thinking

If we had to describe our body, what would we say? Would we describe it technically, mechanically, functionally, medically?

What do we think of our bpdy? It is quite sad to see how we treat our bodies today. The way we eat, drink, over-work and participate in our daily activities. Has technology taken over our sedentary lifestyle? Are we not disciplined enough or do we seek external motivation?

By not eating right and exercising enough, we clearly saying that we don’t care for ourselves? Or that we don’t want to improve the quality of our lives? Many would say, we don’t have time, or our work hours are too long or we have many commitments that it actually takes over our ‘me-time’. But there is the 23.5-hour just takes 30 minutes in a day to be active and to do some sort of exercising or physical activity.

And it’s not the question of how much or less we eat, but WHAT we eat. The old saying is still in place: you are what you eat!

If you have a lovely car that you drive, and you take it from place to place, filling in fuel as you go and go. You enjoying it, its convenience, but you forgetting that maintenance is important. Primary maintenance: have you checked the oil, water, battery fluid and tyre pressure of your car? Secondary maintenance: have you been taking your car for regular minor and major services.

Similarly, have you been providing primary maintenance (eating right) and secondary maintenance (exercising regularly) to your body?

Think about it, if we channel our mindsets correctly, we will be on the right track. Therefore, we can eliminate external motivation and create our own discipline in order to better our quality of life through exercise and healthy eating.

Correct action starts with correct thinking, and correct thinking starts with the correct mindset. Let’s take action!

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